Poster of a woman surrounced by paint splatters in a frame against a white background

Spring Inspiration

Posters, tickets and program leaflet for the fashion show Spring Inspiration.

As the manager of the graphic design team for the student-organized fashion show Spring Inspiration, I produced several posters that were put up around campus and in the city of Jönköping, images for social media, tickets, a photo wall, and the program leaflet for the show, among many other things. I also kept the website updated.

In my role as manager, I was responsible for two other people of my team as well as has an overarching role to make sure everything within our area was done – and in time.

Here is a selection of the material I created for Spring Inspiration.

Two illustrated, colorful posters, one of a woman and one of a man, in frames against a white background

Om modeshowen

Spring Inspiration is the largest student-driven fashion show in Scandinavia and is organized under the International Business School at Jönköping University. The annual event is visited by around 800 people.

Behind the fashion show stands a team of 20–22 students, split up into smaller project groups that specializes in different areas, such as sponsors, event, marketing, and graphic design. I was the manager for the graphic design team of Spring Inspiration 2018, a mission that lasted eight months.

Colorful provisional ticket on a white background
Program leaflet for the fashion show displayed on a white backround
Two posters of women with color splatters and brush strokes, displayed in frames against a white background